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therpsecrets's Journal

Roleplay Secrets
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
therpsecrets is... CLOSED

A secrets community which works in the same way as any other. It allows for roleplayers to express themselves in an anonymous fashion with the use of graphics. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Click here.

♦ You may join the community but only the mod has posting privileges.
♦ Secrets will be posted daily at random times (to keep it exciting).
♦ Wank is guarunteed. Let us know if it's particularly bad.
♦ Proceed with caution: Secrets may be NOT WORKSAFE and may contain SPOILERS and/or TRIGGERS.
♦ Anon is on, IP logging is off.

♦ Try to stay on-topic to the current secrets posted. Currently it's okay if there's off-topic conversations/RP happening in the threads but if we receive too many complaints we may ask you to move it to another venue.
♦ Don't reveal the usernames/communities that are the subject of negative secrets. Positive secrets are fine UNLESS the subjects of the positive secrets ask for the comments with their usernames/communities in them to be removed.
♦ Don't embed music.
♦ Don't spam.

♦ A Submission Post will exist, a new one made once each is full.
♦ Using tinypic or imgur as your picture uploader is recommended. (We will not take down secrets if you use a service that gets your name traced back to you.)
♦ Size limit: 600x600
♦ 1 secret per comment.
♦ Don't show usernames or Journal ID numbers.
♦ If you change your mind about your secret the best way to assure your submission won't be posted is to delete it directly off of the image uploader website. The mods won't be held responsible if they accidentally post a secret that you requested not to be posted.

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